The road to Death Valley, California
pictures from california, photographed by andi-san.
picture 1
My friend snygg Niklas chillin on the beach at sunset with a very illegal budweiser in is hand
picture 2
This is the last view when leaving Yosemite national park.
picture 3
My friend Niklas on his way into the water, Sands, Goleta Beach, california
picture 4
The huge Sequoia trees found in The Sequoia National Park. Theese trees are over 2000 years old.
picture 5
Me sitting on the sidewalk right before the pier of Santa Barbara.
picture 6
Me next to the Nevada falls in Yosemite, california
picture 7
Sunset over Deveraux point, california
picture 8
The sanddunes at Stovepipe wells, Death valley. this is where the intro of Star Wars IV was filmed.
picture 9
Me in the middle of Yosemite park,california

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