Nabula lodge, Nacula island, Fiji
pictures from fiji, photographed by andi-san.
picture 1
Crossing the lagoon back to Nabula Lodge.
picture 2
Sunset over Nanuya Lailai.
picture 3
Nabula lodge from the water, Nacula island, Yasawa Groupfiji
picture 4
View from the mountains over the main village, Naviti island.
picture 5
Treasure island (Levuku), F$ 400 resort. Picture of me in the water.
picture 6
The lagoon outside Naviti island. fiji
picture 7
Strong blue coloured water near Beachcomber island. fiji
picture 8
We went snorkeling over the reefs where the boat is.
picture 9
Kava session on the beach. The Ratu (chief) prepares the next bowl. 'Kava good for men on islands...' fiji
Me chillin in the hammock, next to my Bure. Nabula lodge.
Seasnake on the beach, 5 times more dangerous than cobras.
Sunday Church in the main village, Naviti island.
Observe the rows, you don't just sit down anywhere...

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